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Intuitive Eating: The Healing Journey

This unhealthy obsession with healthy eating and wellness led me to study Nutrition and Lifestyle coaching, which helped me recognise that wellness is a mindset that integrates body, mind and spirit to empower us to make conscious choices for a more fulfilling life. Just the opposite of how I used to feel!


But a few months after I started my studies, I was lucky enough to stumble across the healthcare framework Intuitive Eating and HAES. It completely transformed the way I viewed health and wellness so, alongside my training as a Nutrition and Lifestyle coach, I took part in a training course with Laura Thomas at the London Centre for Intuitive Eating in London, as well as additional training in body image healing, mindfulness, self-compassion, motivational interviewing, and trauma-informed care.

And Omm Nutrition Coach Was Born


Drawing on my own experiences alongside a unique training in Holistic counselling, Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching, and Intuitive Eating counselling, in 2020 I decided to launch Omm Nutrition Coach to help people ditch the diet mentality for good, and transform their relationship with food and their body.

I now provide online and 1:1 counselling and coaching sessions incorporating traditional counselling skills with non-diet, weight-inclusive and person-centred approaches. I am dedicated to helping my clients let go of emotional blockages, build a healthy relationship with food and their body, while building lasting habits to find sustainable health, peace and balance.

My Values


☉ I believe our relationship with food can open us up to discover how we live our lives, and what areas need a bit of improvement. This, in turn, helps us learn how to overcome obstacles, let go of emotional blockages, and walk the path towards a happier and more fulfilling life. 

☉ I believe we don't have to fix everything and everyone in our lives, especially ourselves. Instead, we need to feel more, trust more, allow more, and love more, in order to heal and grow. We are enough, just as we are.

☉ I am here to provide a safe, non-judgmental, and supportive space to guide and support you on your healing journey. I trust that you have the unique wisdom to know what your body and soul need but I also understand that things can get in the way of that, such as a lack of support, feelings of fear, self-doubt, and low self-worth. 

☉ As a Spaniard, I strongly believe food is so much more than just nutrients or fuel. Food builds community, it is the language of love, it is pleasure, and it is meant to taste delicious and be enjoyed.

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A Bit About Me

I'm deeply passionate about helping others reach the same freedom I now enjoy, without my food and body obsession. I spent so much time in my head, overthinking about food and my body that I completely forgot about the things that were important to me, not to mention the constant feeling of not being good enough.  


Once I found the mind-body-spirit balance I needed, I became a totally happy person, a loving and compassionate partner and friend, easy to talk to, and able to listen in an attentive and non-judgemental way. It wasn't an easy journey but I would do it again!

I now practise meditation to support my wellbeing, enjoy journaling through writing and love cooking and taking photos of the dishes I create. (I have a food blog called Omm Foods)


Every day I practise gratitude, engage regularly in exercise that I enjoy, and, most importantly, I can eat my favourite food (pizza) without guilt or the urge to work it off!

I envision a world where no one feels inferior, nor suffers discrimination because of their weight, body shape or eating style.

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