About Me


My love for food and cooking began in my late-20's and with it, the beginning of a weird relationship with food. I started avoiding foods I really enjoyed, like pizza or pasta, and eating foods that didn't make me feel satisfied. This led me into a cycle of restriction and binging, making me feel stressed and guilty. I used to overthink every food choice, count calories, and calculate how many hours I would have to spend in the gym to make up for that pizza. It was exhausting! 

This unhealthy obsession with healthy eating and wellness led me to study Nutrition and Lifestyle coaching, which helped me to recognise that wellness is a mindset that integrates body, mind and spirit to empower us to make conscious choices for a more fulfilling life. Just quite the opposite of how I was feeling at that time! I had spent so much time in my head, overthinking about food and my body that I completely forgot about the things that were important to me, not to mention the constant feeling of not being good enough.


But a few months after I started my studies, I was lucky to stumble across the healthcare framework Intuitive Eating. It completely transformed the way I view health and wellness and led to a keen interest in non-diet approaches, body acceptance and compassion led care.

Our relationship with food can open us up to discover how we live our lives, and what areas need a bit of improvement. This, in turn, helps us learn how to overcome obstacles, let go of emotional blockages, and walk the path towards a happier and more fulfilling life. 


Offering a blend of traditional counselling with more holistic and spiritual methods, I support clients to build a healthy relationship with food, to reconnect with their bodies, and move towards a life of more freedom, self-acceptance, authenticity and joy.

I also incorporate different health care frameworks into my practice, such as Intuitive Eating, Health at Every Size, and Body Image Healing, to guide my clients develop smart, lasting strategies for overcoming disordered eating, chronic dieting, and body dissatisfaction. 


  • Diploma in Holistic counselling at Holistic Healing College in London.

  • Certificate in Life coaching at Holistic Healing College in London.

  • Diploma in Nutrition and Lifestyle coaching at Institute of Health Science.

  • Training in Nutrition Counselling at London Centre for Intuitive Eating.

In my spare time, you'll find me making a mess in my kitchen creating and photographing simple and nourishing meals for my blog Omm Foods.

If you’re done with diets and want to build a healthy relationship with food, body image and movement with personalised support, my 1-1 coaching is for you.